Helping Children with Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy has been successfully used for well being and behavioural changes with children and adults alike. In the 1950s, the American Medical Association took notice of hypnosis after a patient underwent a thyroidectomy (removal of the thyroid) while in a hypnotic trance induced by a hypnotherapist. No other painkiller or anesthesia were used.

Since then, hypnotherapists have made a big impact and have been able to change public perception about hypnosis. Doctors continue to use hypnosis to calm their patients, and to ease pain during procedures. They tell patients a procedure is common, it comes with a high degree of success and it will be easy for them to recover. Because these phrases are delivered by an authority figure, they act exactly the same as hypnotic suggestions and become reality for the patient.

The ethical use of Hypnosis is guaranteed with a  practitioner trained in Hypnotherapy applying the highest standards and deeply caring for the interactions between body and soul.To connect with the subconscious mind of a client is the way of initiating changes in the behaviour and the positive outlook of the patient.

Children age 5 to 12 respond immediately to hypnosis because of their amazing skills on a daily base using imagination and creativity naturally. Though younger children as young as 3 and teens can also greatly benefit from Hypnotherapy, the best age is from 5 onwards with the help of fantasy stories and fairy tales. Teens are treated according to their maturity more like adults with a guided meditation.

Hypnotherapy often deals with fear, anxiety and grief or habits like bed wetting, nail biting and thumb sucking but also with medical conditions like asthma, chronic pain or self harming. Always check for medical issues first before seeing a Hypnotherapist to be certain no underlying condition has been overlooked.

Christine developed a range of stories for children of various ages to help them overcome their fears or leave behind habits  that are no longer needed. Please check the range of download-able MP3s for topics you are interested in. If you can not find your topic of interest please contact Christine for a custom made hypnotherapy story.


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